Training & Competition



Our weekly training sessions are conducted on Tuesday & Thursday Afternoons, 4.45-6.00pm (subject to change) at Rushton Park Kelmscott (bottom oval)

Entry via Orlando Road. Athletes may attend either or both training days. The choice is yours.

What To Bring

Plenty of Water (1-2 Bottles)

Closed in Running Shoes Suitable Clothing ( No Jeans )

Shorts Preferably above the Knee


A Smile!!!!


The Carpark Off Orlando Road opposite the Kelmscott Primary School will be the best place to park.

No Parking on the road or footpath will be permitted.

Please DON’T park in front of the oval access gate.



We conduct our weekly summer competition at the

“Gerry Archer Athletics Track”

located at the corner of Leach Highway and Abernethy Road in Cloverdale.

It is less than 25 minutes drive from Kelmscott. Entry Via Abernethy Road

Gerry Archer Athletics Track is a brand new facility completed in January 2014.

It is a fantastic venue with a Concrete Grandstand overlooking the grassed track, new equipment and sites, canteen facility and ample parking.

Summer Competition

The Summer Program consists of weekly track and field competition from October to March each year.

Program of Events

The weekly program of events alternates between Program A, B & C throughout the summer season. There will be a calendar of competition events available that identifies which program will be running on a particular day.

Program Management

Events are directed by the announcer over the PA system from the start to completion of the program.   The announcer will endeavour to keep all events running on time. Competitors and parents need to listen out for the announcer throughout the day, as to not miss event calls.

Club Rosters

Club parents on roster are responsible for setting up and putting away the equipment for their clubs allocated site on competition days. All parents will receive a roster in due course.

Winter Competition                 

During the winter months there is a Winter Program that commences from April/May and runs until August each year. Events alternate between Cross Country Runs & Road Walks each Saturday afternoon at various locations. For more information please contact the Club The registration fee paid at the beginning of the summer season includes competing at the winter events if you choose to do so.

Course Distances – Cross Country Runs

Under 7 – 9 – 1500m

Under 10 – 12 – 2000m

Under 13 – 17 – 3000m

Course Distances – Road Walks

Under 7 – 9 – 1000m

Under 10 – 12 – 1500m

Under 13 – 17 – 2000m